Why you should come for a walk

Are you feeling pretty drowned out and overwhelmed by all the health and wellness information January threw at us?

Would you like to know what is the first thing you can do to improve your health? With the added advantage of it being free?

🚶 Go for a walk.

This works for most people, regardless of age.

Not only is walking free, but the graph shows that the steep incline shows the HUGE health benefit of the first 7,000 steps you take per day. 7,000 steps may seem like a lot if you have health conditions that limit your mobility, BUT if all you do is increase your steps a little, this still has incredible benefits for your health.

You’ll get twice as much benefit from your first 5,000 steps compared to your next 5,000.

While in an ideal world you would go for a walk, the body (aside from vitamin D) ☀ and the mental health aspect) doesn’t really care where you walk.

You could take 5,000 steps walking around your house.🏠 and you would see the same health benefits.

You could listen to your favorite radio show while walking in circles in your kitchen and still get the same health benefits (if you don’t get dizzy first).

You can walk around your garden, or go down to the end of the street and come back.

This amazing, simple, free exercise that all ages and abilities can do.

📌Reduces blood pressure
📌rise the levels of energy.
📌Improves sleep
📌Strengthens bones and muscles.

And if you can get outside, you’ll be able to experience the incredible seasonal changes we have in the UK (right now, the snowdrops are rearing their heads around Havenstoke Park).

You don’t have to do all 5,000 steps today, you don’t have to do them all at once, you just need to do a few more than yesterday.

If you’d like some company while you walk, join us for the free walk every Monday at 2.45pm (meeting at The Pavilion, Graylingwell). The walk will be followed by a cup of tea and a chat at the Coffee Spot. 🍵 . Mobility aids, walking canes, all welcome! For more information call 07785 747669

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