Universal Standard Memorial Day Sale + Coupon Code

Divulgation: This blog post is not sponsored by Universal Standard, but includes affiliate links. If you use my link or coupon code in this post to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission on the sale at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my work!

Without a doubt, one of the most size-inclusive brands is Universal standard, with sizes 00-40. I share their styles a lot because they always fit my body in a size 28 and have quality fabrics. While I love to shop for lots of statement pieces, prints, ruffles, dressy dresses, etc., the items I repeatedly reach for are Universal standard.

They are having a Memorial Day sale through May 28th with a rare site-wide discount of 30%. Also, you can use my code. INFS-AMBAUTHEMMIE with an additional 10% discount.

I wanted to share some new pieces I bought in the US. Some of these are items I already have from previous years in other colors, which should show you how often I turn to these classic styles.

Cabana Linen Kaftan

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 2

Athena Divine JERSEY DRESS

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 3

Promenade Linen Jumpsuit (see below for an older version I’ve had for at least 3 years)

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 4
Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 5

I understand that not everyone wants to stretch their arms – the Kelsey denim jacket It is such a flexible layering piece.

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 6

Foundation V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Carrie High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans

I don’t hear about it often, but I’m obsessed with all things in the world. Founding line in the USA. I wear these tops several times a week: long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, and I even sleep in the dresses. It is a very fine ribbed fabric that is extra elastic but does not stretch. Many people wear them as a bottom layer for full outfits, but I love wearing them alone for their comfort and shape.

Below is a short sleeve Foundation t-shirt with the same Carrie jeans.

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 7

The next dress was a real surprise winner. I looked at it several times before buying it. I liked the concept, but from the photos on the website I couldn’t say enough how it would look on me. It turns out it’s the same lovely stretchy jersey material as the Athena above, and it’s very comfortable but looks very stylish, in my opinion.

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 8

Palermo Divine Knitted Wrap Dress

I bought the following dress based solely on the color: the teal green won me over. Turns out the fit is as good as the color (and if it’s not your color, they have it in the blue color of the Palermo and Athena dresses). The fabric is a thick pima cotton knit with a little stretch. The sleeves can be rolled up and there is a hidden tab and button to keep them in place. (I don’t have them secured in this quick photo, but I wore them like this yesterday and it looked great).

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 9

Pima Suffolk Cotton Shirt Dress

The original dress that put Universal Standard on the map is the Geneva. He has an asymmetrical hem with a unique fabric gather. I tried it a couple of times in different versions because I love it with other people, but it never felt right to me. USA just released a one shoulder version and I had to try it, so glad I did!

Universal Standard Memorial Day Offer + Coupon Code 10


Universal Standard Coupon Code

In addition to the 30% off Memorial Day sale, get another 10% off your order with my Universal Standard Coupon Code, INFS-AMBAUTHEMMIE

Have questions about brand, fit, or specific styles? Let me know in the comments, I’ll be happy to help you.

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