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Have you ever hesitated to buy clothes because you don’t want to spend a lot of money because your size is changing? Or maybe you’re someone like me who buys items in multiple sizes because I’m afraid they won’t be back in stock if my size changes. Size fluctuation is natural and shopping for clothes shouldn’t be stressful. Universal Standard, a brand of classic, well-made and high-quality pieces with a size range that goes from 00 to 40, has recovered one of its most popular programs: Freedom in shape.

sale valid until 4/30/24, use code INFS-AMBAUTHEMMIE for an additional 10% off

Universal standard fit freedom is a program that allows you to exchange sizes of an eligible item for one full year from purchase. The Fit Liberty collection includes more than 400 items, a large portion of American styles. Yes, this includes some of the more flighty items like jeans and blazers! If your size changes, simply complete an online exchange form and Universal Standard will exchange your item for the same item in a different size. You get a new item that fits your body as it is now and the returned item is donated to Dress for Success or First Step.

Plus Size Influencer Authentically Emmie Universal Standard Fit Liberty Set

Universal standard All day jacket
Universal standard Carrie High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans
Universal standard Foundation V-Neck T-Shirt (Not eligible for Fit Liberty)

With the expansion and relaunch of the Fit Liberty program, the US will have a 40% off sale on Fit Liberty items through 04/30/24. Plus, you can use my code to get an extra 10% off: INFS-AMBAUTHEMMIE. Not only will you get these items at deeply discounted prices, but you will also be assured that they will fit you for a whole year as you can exchange them for a different size if necessary.

Universal Standard makes up a big part of my wardrobe because 1) I never have to worry about them wearing my size with sizes 00-40; 2) items simply FIT – and many are now guaranteed to do so for 1 year; 3) They are classic and high quality, perfect for mixing and matching and staying evergreen. The new Universal Standard Fit Liberty collection has many items. You should check them all out, but if that’s overwhelming, here are my top picks from the collection.

Universal Liberty 2 standard fit.

Kate jumpsuit
Stephanie Wide Leg Pants
Elbe Stretch Poplin Button Down Shirt
Kelsey Denim Jacket
Odeon shirt dress
Plush Bow Sweatshirt Dress
Carrie High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans
Beas Ponte Blazer

Even if you think you won’t need to take advantage of the Fit Liberty Exchange ProgramThis is still a great deal on the most popular items available at Universal Standard.

Universal Standard Wide Leg Jeans

Universal Standard Discount: US is 40% off Adjust Liberty Items until 04/30/24. Plus, you can use my code to get an extra 10% off: INFS-AMBAUTHEMMIE.

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