Tips for Shopping Target Designer Collections

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We’ve come a long way with Target Designer collections!

The year was 2015. It was midnight and I was on my phone and computer desperately trying to get on Target’s website to purchase the long-awaited Lilly Pulitzer x Target collection. Since Lilly didn’t have plus sizes in their normal collection, I was very excited to be able to purchase this collection, which had larger sizes and of course was less expensive than the full brand. I was awake for hours while the site crashed multiple times, items in my cart disappeared, and in the end I wasn’t sure what I had purchased. It was my first experience purchasing one of these designer collaborations and I learned a lot of lessons!

There have been many more designer collaborations in the years since, and fortunately, I’ve become much more adept at purchasing them. Sunday October 9 next Designer Collection Dropswith elements of Sergio Hudson, Kika Vargas and La Ligne. As I prepare to shop the sales, I thought I would share information, tips, and some of my favorite pieces.

Important information about Target designer collaborations:

  • They sell out quickly: These are limited quantities, and that means planning is required if you really have certain pieces you want to get your hands on. It is not uncommon for items to sell out within hours of their release.
  • Not all items and sizes are in store: Some pieces are only available online and many sizes (especially plus sizes) are not always available in stores. Shopping online is my preferred method to
  • They usually launch at midnight in the Pacific.3 a.m. ET, and in stores the same day: You can be one of the first in line at the store the morning of the launch to get your hands on the pieces, or you can set your alarm for that time and go back to sleep. when you’re done.
  • Return periods are limited: Most of these collaborations have a 14-day return period, so be sure to keep an eye on the schedule and make returns as soon as possible.

Tips for collaborations with Shopping Target designers:

  • Browse the collection in advance and save items in advance: In the Target app or, collection pages will appear before release dates. Here is the link to tomorrow’s collection., For example. Heart each item you want to purchase, and when launch time comes, skip all the scrolling and purchase directly from your Destination Favorites Page.
  • Buy right when the collection drops: Yes, this means that if you’re on Eastern Time, like me, you’ll have to get up super early, but things really do move so fast that it’s the safest bet to get what you want.
  • Check shipping or pickup options in store: obviously offers shipping on items, but you can also purchase items for same-day in-store pickup. If you want that instant gratification, in-store pickup means not having to search through shelves and being able to enjoy items right away. This is also helpful when a size is out of stock online, but may be in a store near you.
  • Size out of stock? Use the “Notify” function. I’ve gotten many out-of-stock pieces by using the “Notify me when back in stock” feature on Target’s website or app. Select your size and then click the notify button. When the item is back in stock (for these collaborations, these are usually returned items), they will send you a push notification and email.
Destination Favorites Page

Target Fall 2022 Designer Collection Favorites

Of the 3 designers in this collection, what excites me the most is the Pieces by Sergio Hudson. The bold houndstooth coat will likely be the first item to sell out. I love the bold black and white pieces, as well as the saturated blues, pinks and yellows it has.

Destination Designer Collaboration: Sergio Hudson

Houndstooth faux fur coat
Houndstooth dress
Teal Satin Bodysuit
Teal Wide Leg Pants
Wide leather belt
Animal print trench coat

If you like super feminine details like flowers, ruffles, puff sleeves, scalloped edges and bows, the Kika Vargas Collection It will be what you are looking for.

Target Designer Collaboration: Kika Vargas

Golden dress
navy blue dress
Scalloped trench coat

The most casual (but still refined) of the collection is The line, known for their distinctive stripes. These are easy and versatile pieces to mix and match.

Collaboration of the target designer: La Ligne

Striped V-neck Bodysuit (Green)
Fuzzy Yarn Striped Sweater
Rugby Stripe Cardigan
Trench coat with side stripes
Floral Ruched Midi Dress

Do you plan to buy these collections? Let me know in the comments what you choose!

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