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Here’s a simple checklist to brighten your space for the new season and give your home a spring makeover.

Spring butterfly art on Frame TV!

With spring officially in the air, I’m always on a mission to brighten our home (give it some seasonal fresh air) after the long winter season concludes. My goal is to bring bright colors upstairs and make the space feel bright and cheerful.

Sometimes it just takes a little reorganization, a quick spring cleaning, and fresh flowers to brighten a space and refresh your home. You could even rearrange the furniture for a “new room, new me” vibe. I used to rearrange my bedroom all the time when I was younger. (For all the spring cleaning tips, check out this post: Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks.)

We have some updates in our living room!

After going almost five years without one, we finally added a coffee table to our living room! When Birch started walking, we took him out and used a soft ottoman for a long time. And then we haven’t had a coffee table for the last six months. It’s great to have a place to rest and have a drink again (or a place to build Lego if you’re 5). The room feels more complete.

Does this look a little familiar to you? This is because this is a new version of the one we already have: the West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table in mango. We looked at many different options, including roundtables like this style of shaker and this rustic to match our dining room table, but I ended up loving the size and shape of the West Elm one we previously had for the space.

Coffee table and blue rug.

The original is almost 10 years old and is a little warped and dirty from now being the coffee table on the porch. We debated all the ways to change and renovate the old one and buy something new for the outside, but we decided to keep both and got a new one for the inside. It really is the best coffee table ever!

New Ceramic Barn Rug

We also have a new living room rug! When we moved into our house last summer, I had the Kian Performance rug from Pottery Barn. I wanted something super durable for Gus and unfortunately the wear and tear after only six months was pretty bad. All the threads swelled.

You can see where the couch was and wasn’t in this picture and how worn the top left corner is with fibers sticking out.

Ceramic Barn Rug

When I emailed PB asking for a suggestion on what to do, they told me that this wear and tear was not typical and that I could return the rug. So I changed it for a new one! When I originally ordered Kian, I thought I was going to buy a light blue rug and the one I bought was much darker, so it ended up being a great thing because I was able to choose a lighter rug.

The Capitola

The Capitola |  Spring Update at Home

I almost bought this last year and wish I had! It is lighter and airier. I’m absolutely worried that Gus and the mud will stain it, but we’re mostly a shoeless house and we’re working on a solution for Gus too (a dog bed nearby).

living room rug

Here are a few more ways I’m working to air out our home for spring and prepare for the warmer months ahead.

Spring Home Refresh: How to Refresh Your Space

1. Deep clean or replace kitchen and bathroom rugs that are dirty or worn.

Wash all small rugs in your home. Bath mats, small rugs, and even large ones may need spot cleaning. Charlottesville Earthly Cleansing It’s where I take our larger rugs when they’re ready for a good deep cleaning. I hope to do this once a year for our new rug.

2. Play cushion roulette

I do cushion roulette every spring by simply changing the cushions on the sofas and main bed. I like neutral pastel colors throughout the winter and brighter colors in the warmer months.

I bought some newer cushions from Hearth & Hand a while ago, so now we have a ton of pillows, all in navy, prints, and coral to mix and match. I’d like to get some light blue or green cushions to highlight the teal of the new rug, but I’m nervous because the kids still throw all the cushions on the floor immediately after sitting down. Determined!

Hearth & Hand Magnolia Spring Pillows

3. Ventilate it

Prepare for warmer weather by cleaning windows and replacing screens. I LOVE opening the windows any day when the temperature is warmer than our thermostat. Not only will you get that spring breeze, but you’ll also be able to hear all the sounds of the outdoors.

I grew up sleeping with the windows open all summer (we didn’t have air conditioning in our rooms until I was in high school!), so I love the sounds of summer nights. Make your home feel like you’re camping! (Just be careful with the pollen!)

We have so many windows to open now!

Spring Update at Home

4. Decorate your home office or dining room table with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

All the tulips popping up outside can bring some cheerful color inside too! A bright bouquet of tulips from the local supermarket or a farmers market bouquet will brighten any room. Lauren gave us this orchid a few years ago, and she is bringing lots of spring vibes into the house on her third or fourth bloom!

fresh flowers at home

5. Awaken your senses with a new citrus or botanical candle

Make sure all your fall and winter scented candles are put away until next season. Then, add a lemon or rose candle to your entryway, coffee table, or office space to feel fresh. My favorite candles are cultivate fragrance because they have a transparent ingredient list. Try hibiscus tea for spring!

Grow scented candles

6. Wash your winter clothes.

It’s not the most exciting task, but think about all your seasonal clothes and wash them thoroughly before putting them away until fall: coats, duvets, sweaters.

Wash your heavy winter coats (or even take them to the dry cleaners for a deep clean), then put them away and make room for your spring/summer wardrobe. Give some attention to less used duvet covers and areas you rarely vacuum. Now is also a good time to SHOP winter coats as they will be on sale. And donate any you didn’t use last season to organizations that will need them next time.

Some of the professionals will tell you to wash all your curtains once a year, and that is precisely why I have very few curtains in my house, heh.

7. Check the garden furniture.

Hose off dust and cobwebs from your patio and outdoor furniture so you can start using them in the spring season! (But maybe wait until pollen season has passed; gosh, that green pollen gets everywhere!) Our outdoor space is just covered in pollen and we have to hose everything down around May 1st.

These are the Nantucket Rocking Chairs from Grandin Road. ARE GOOD!

Garden furniture

8. Be bold with brighter colored decor

While I love neutral home decor, it’s fun to add a little color once this time of year to give your interior design some oomph. Candles, blankets, pillows, vases, vases, napkins – all accessories with touches of color come out of hibernation.

9. Get the garden going

Make a plan for your garden this year. (I always seem to wait too long!) Till the soil, pull the weeds, clear the brush. Have this pot of herbs for our porch and I hope this is the year we can actually have a decent herb garden (we missed it last year due to renovation).

10. Spring Clean out the closets!

When the seasons change I always try to go through the kids’ clothes and remove anything that is too small. I save Mazen’s old (nicer) clothes for Birch to wear for years to come and send anything from Birch to Goodwill. If you need something new, my go-to is 40% off at Old Navy! There are always new ones on the list. SPF Lycras.

What should you do to welcome spring?

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