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A couple of weeks ago I went to New York City. Packing for the trip was frustrating because I realized that I have a lot of clothes that are suitable for travelers, not pedestrians! I needed to pack clothes that worked for warm weather, that were super comfortable and easy to wear, without being too casual. It’s no surprise that almost everything I took on this trip was Universal Standard and was perfect. These are the styles I reach for time and time again when I just need to be comfortable and not worry about fit issues. I use American items at least 3 times a week. These are styles that I don’t feel bad about buying in multiples because they offer fit, comfort, functionality and shine, which are the keys to dressing without thinking. Sure, I share plenty of kaftans, sequins, or things that require strapless bras…but those aren’t everyday wardrobe staples. These American items are.

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For Customer Appreciation Week in the US, they let me put together a collection of my favorite pieces from the US and you can save 30% on them with code INFS-EMILY30 until Monday, June 26.

About universal standard size

USA has the most size-inclusive clothing range available right now (aside from custom options). They have sizes 00-40, with incredibly detailed measurements for each item. Your labels S, M, L, etc. They are different than what you are used to, so if you haven’t bought them before, check the size chart! I’m 5’10 and normally wear a 28 in Lane Bryant and ELOQUII. My measurements fall between a US XL and 2XL. I have size tags in all the photos below for reference. Questions about size? Let me know!

Universal Standard Favorites

I’ll share some of my favorites from the collection here, but you can go directly to my favorite pieces from the USA here to buy. Don’t forget the 30% discount code: INFS-EMILY30.

This look is actually 3 of my favorite items! He Nailah Button Tunic – available in 4 colors – it is very versatile to complement any look. I have worn it on closed dresses, on open dresses, on the almost naked monkey, and here with him foundation tank and Joni high-waisted jeans.

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 2

Nailah Button Tunic in black joggers and a black tank top with sneakers

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 3

Next up is the jumpsuit that finally fits me! This Promenade Linen Jumpsuit It is truly the most comfortable piece and is easy to put on and take off. It is a stretchy linen that is cool and doesn’t wrinkle as much as you would expect from linen. Wear it alone or layer it with any piece like another US favorite, the Kelsey Denim Jacket. This particular color was from last year, but right now they have it in 5 more beautiful shades.

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 4

Speaking of the Kelsey Denim JacketHere’s another favorite, the Athena dress. Ignore the very messy room – this was in the middle of packing for New York. I took photos of everything I was putting in my suitcase to avoid overpacking. I wore this look on the flight home with the sleeves cuffed to the elbow.

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 5

Next up is a dress I’ve purchased in 5 colors over the years, including the gorgeous cherry (hot pink) color they have now. He MISA JERSEY DRESS It’s super comfortable, cute, and designed to offer a little shape that enhances a t-shirt dress. It has pockets, it’s a nice knit fabric, and it’s the perfect piece when you just want to wear it and wear it, but look good.

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 6

I purchased this next dress right before my trip and it arrived right on time. I don’t have any other photos at hand, so my beautiful friends will come and help me with this photo. He Hamptons Ruched Shirt Dress It’s so, so good. It is available in this stripe, as well as solid white and solid black. The stretch poplin is nice and packable, and the gathered waist provides definition without having to add a belt or something else, like what might tempt you with a shift shirt dress. This would be perfect for work with some pretty heels and jewelry, or casual like I wore it here.

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 7

If you had told me years ago that I would fall in love with a bodysuit, I would laugh in your face! This Almost naked body It is incredibly comfortable. I wear it for working out, alone or with a t-shirt over it, and as a casual outfit paired with the Nailah tunic, a jacket, or another loose-fitting cardigan. The entire range of almost naked products from the USA is a must-have. I have the tank top, the shorts, the bodyshort, the leggings and this bodysuit. Once you feel the fabric, you’ll understand!

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 8

What I own the most in the United States is Foundation. Their Foundation range of t-shirts, tank tops and dresses are made from a thin, dreamy stretch fabric. I like that they are stretchy and have shape. If you don’t like anything clingy, I can understand not wanting to use the foundation alone, but I think it’s a very versatile fabric. I use the entire line for layering, alone, and even to bed. Sleeveless Foundation Dress He is an MVP. I have 3 in black and more in other colors. I am VERY excited that they got the V-Neck Short Sleeve Foundation Top also. They’ve only had it in the square neck version for several months, and the white one is great (and I have 2 of those!) the V neckline is my favorite neckline. Here is a photo of the long sleeve with a V-neck to give you an idea:

Save on my Favorites Universal Standard 9

Shop my entire collection of Universal Standard Favorites from now until Monday, June 26. Use code INFS-EMILY30 to save 30% on each item in the collection!

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