Runs for Cookies: Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 182

I thought it would be best to weigh myself today since it’s been three weeks. Oh! Time has passed very quickly and it is difficult to keep up. I’ve really enjoyed the time away from my blog though. It hasn’t really been for any reason other than needing a mental break, and it’s definitely helped me.

I wish I could say that my weight has dropped significantly since my last weigh-in, but I definitely didn’t expect it to. Nothing has changed in terms of my diet (which is not good) and I want to create better habits. This month has been a little crazy and I need to do a better job handling the changes in routine.

As of today, it was at 145.2, which is just a little less than the 146 I think it was three weeks ago. Since my habits haven’t changed, I can’t expect my weight to change 😉

The guys on Eli’s baseball team asked me to take pictures of their games again this year, and that made me feel good! So, of course, I agreed. However, it’s a surprisingly big commitment. I usually take about 250 photos during the game (I take a lot of bursts so I can have fun action photos) and then I have to upload them to my computer so I can delete the ones that didn’t come out or have several similar ones. (I usually reduce it to about 100.) Then I try to make sure I have photos of each child. And then I upload them to a shared album so the kids can download whatever they want. I really enjoy doing it for them, knowing that they are excited to have them.

Despite the changes in routine, I haven’t been eating *too much* terribly. I haven’t had any sweets or desserts (and since I don’t feel like sugar right now, I’m not going to risk it for a cookie or something). I recently purchased a cookbook called Vegan Asian from the blogger at The foodie takes flight (Jeeca Uy). [I’ve been buying cookbooks over the last year or so rather than using recipe sites–there are just SO MANY ads on sites that it takes way too long to simply check out the ingredients in a recipe to decide if I even want to make it.] I’m glad I got this book because it’s absolutely amazing. My favorite cookbook without a doubt. I have made several recipes and they have all turned out delicious.

The only problem is that many ingredients are not exactly healthy. There is a lot of sodium (mainly from soy sauce) and a lot of oil (for stir-frying). Plus, I’ve been eating portions that are definitely larger than they should be.

I’d like to go back to not eating after 7:00 pm (I’ve found that to be the biggest help when I want to lose weight), but it’s nearly impossible with Eli’s baseball schedule. His matches usually start at 4:00 (sometimes up to 45 minutes) and many of them are double headers. So we didn’t get home until 8:30 or 9:00!

As for exercise, I have stopped running in the morning and I would very much like to do it again. The reason I stopped was because I hurt my knee in the stupidest way possible. I was cleaning out the garage and trying to remove a drawer from a small nightstand. I bought it at a garage sale years ago with the plan to renovate it; but when I tried to sand the paint off, I discovered it must be some kind of magic paint because it DOESN’T come off. I gave up.

Anyway, the drawer was stuck and I couldn’t, for the life of me, get it to open and come out. (I had an idea of ​​how to use the stand without the drawers and wanted to try it.) I grabbed a hammer and started trying to hit the drawer out; It was moving a little. After several hard hits, it finally started to come loose. I pulled the hammer back and hit it very hard, thinking the final blow would dislodge the drawer.

Well, the hammer went through the bottom of the drawer (which was just thin plywood) and landed right on my damn kneecap. The pain was blinding and I couldn’t even move. I was really worried about breaking the bone (how could a direct hit from a hammer NOT do that?), but I ended up with a very deep bruise and a very painful knee. It hurt to even move my foot for about a week, which is when I stopped running in the morning.

I should have started over but it had been so long and “one more day” wouldn’t make a difference (story of my life). And now weeks have passed. Someone sent me a link to a challenge for a running streak in May, which is mental health awareness month. You can register (kind of like you would for a race) and it’s a virtual challenge run (or walk) a mile a day for the entire month of May.

I really like that idea! As I am passionate about mental health and would like to get back into running, it seems like a good option for me. I haven’t committed yet, but I’m pretty sure I will.

I met a friend at the Metropark on Sunday to walk six miles. She had chosen the last place we walked, so it was my turn to choose. I felt nostalgic for the trail I used to do many of my long runs with Jessica (and even alone). It turned out to be a bad day for that particular park (it flooded in many areas because it had rained so much), but seeing people running along the trail gave me a little twinge of wanting to do it too. I find it very inspiring – whether the person is very fit and fast or out of shape and slow, it inspires me anyway.

I know I’ve said this a few times, but I’m going to make my goal for the week a couple of runs, not just around the block, but at least a couple of miles. If it’s too hard, I’ll take walk breaks, but I think I can get a couple miles in if I run slow enough 😉 PLUS, I’ll post photos from Friday night before my photos get out of hand!

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