8 Best Types of Food for Your Mood

Have you ever thought about what food can do for your mood? Beyond their taste, some “mood foods” can actually influence how you feel from the inside out. “Food is a natural source of substances that have important effects on the nervous system,” he says. Ellen Albertson, PhD, RDN, NBC-HWC,

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Quest Tiramisu Chia Pudding | Quest Blog

Cheat on tiramisu with tiramisu. This is not your grandmother’s tiramisu. It’s a culinary twist where chia seeds take control. Greek yogurt is the hero. And the mascarpone shares the stage with a muscular hunk: Quest Coffee Protein Shake. Get ready for a Questified tiramisu that cares deeply about satisfying

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Phototherapy and Losing Weight 

What did randomized controlled trials of phototherapy (bright morning light) find for weight loss? If weakening our circadian rhythm can cause weight gain, could strengthening it facilitate weight loss? You may remember the analogy of the children’s swing. shared previously. Regular morning meals can give Our cycles provide a small

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Best Supplements, and How to Get Into a Routine

This is your ultimate guide to getting started (and staying on track) with your new HUM supplement routine. We’ll guide you through the most common challenges people face when starting a supplement regimen, plus practical tips on how to solve them. After reading this guide, you will be equipped to

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Is Whey Protein Good for Weight Loss? What to Know

Of all the reasons to try whey protein, weight loss probably flies under the radar. But is weight protein good for weight loss? What does whey protein do for your body, and what the heck is whey, anyway? What is serum? “Whey is a cow’s milk protein,” he explains. Tina

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Quest Coffee Brownies | Quest Blog

Cheat on brownies with brownies. What’s better than homemade brownies? How about homemade brownies that just graduated from barista school? Thanks to Quest Coffee Protein Shake The baking classic now brings chocolate flavor and movement. Think brownies with benefits. Search. Big in protein. Low in sugar. Huge in flavor. It’s

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How Healthy Are Ancient Grains? 

Ancient types of wheat, such as kamut, are tested to control inflammation, blood sugar and cholesterol. The number one killer in the United States and around the world is what eat. As you can see in the graph below and at 0:15 of my video. Friday Favorites: Are Ancient Grains

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Is Oatzempic Worth The Hype? Dietitian Explains

In case you missed it, oatzempic has taken over the internet as the latest weight loss hack. TikTokers are comparing this breakfast smoothie to ozempic, a diabetes medication that has gained popularity for its dramatic effects on weight loss. But how does Oatzempic really compare? In this article, we will

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Gadgets For The Home • Kath Eats

Smarter homes are the way of the future! These home gadgets save time and make our home work for us. I’m talking about ways to save time and energy. Call me lazy or call me smart. I don’t want to manually turn the lights on and off or worry about

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