New Mobility Newsletter – May 1, 2024

Jaimen Hudson: Quad Drone Photographer

Ten years ago, Jaimen Hudson was looking for a way to reconnect with the ocean around her home in Western Australia. He picked up one of the early drone models, took some aerial photographs while sitting on the beach and was impressed by the perspective. Read how Hudson parlayed his natural eye for camera angles, a lot of hard work, and a little luck into a thriving career as a wildlife photographer and videographer.

Springrose Easy-On Mobility Bra: Reviewed

This adaptable bra is designed to be easier to put on and adjust than typical bras, without compromising on fashion. Cheryl Angelelli believes the C6 quad delivers on most of its promises, with adaptable features that don’t compromise looks or comfort.

Phoenix i is the first wheelchair with integrated power assistance

The Phoenix i’s curved carbon fiber frame looks futuristic, but the real advancement lies in the wheels, which provide an electrically assisted boost to drag you while you push the rear wheels. Providing power assists through the wheels offers a number of performance advantages over other power assists, and the entire setup is light enough to carry into your car. Click the link to learn more about how it works, how much it costs, and how to get it.

The inaccessible path to enlightenment

Electric wheelchair user Nickole Cheron grew up Christian before turning east in search of spirituality as an adult. Seeking an inclusive path to enlightenment, he attended a silent Vipassana meditation retreat in rural Canada. Turns out you can find ableism anywhere. Read how Cheron found his awakening, but not in the way he expected.

Master everyday transfers

Transferring to and from your wheelchair is one of the critical independent living skills for wheelchair users. Strength, flexibility, and physical function play an important role in transfers, but solid techniques can help you do more with less, keeping your shoulders and skin safe in the long term. These videos show good transfer technique for two of the most basic and common everyday transfers.

Support new mobility

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