New Mobility Newsletter – Mar. 1, 2024

After a spinal cord injury, many resources are dedicated to physical rehabilitation, but much less to our emotional, psychological and spiritual coping. Cassandra Brandt shares how the teachings of Stoic philosophers provide her with concrete lessons for finding peace with disability. Additionally, Jenny Smith explores effective steps wheelchair users can take to develop emotional health.

While much of the media coverage focuses on the potential of exoskeletons for everyday mobility, research shows that current models may be more functional as exercise devices and for social interaction. A new Medicare rule clears the way for insurers to cover two brands of personal exoskeletons, allowing wheelchair users to benefit from this technology that was previously out of reach.

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Getting stuck in my kitchen taught me how important our community support systems are.

A harsh winter storm trapped New Mobility editor Ian Ruder in his home. He writes that there’s nothing like living by a gas fireplace in the kitchen for a week to get perspective on how dependent we are on those around us.

How to get the most out of your medical checkup

People with disabilities often miss out on annual physical exams because doctors don’t know how to adapt exam routines. John Beer reports on how to advocate for the care you need, how to get the right screening tests, and document your needs so that proper screenings become standard.

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