New Mobility Newsletter – June 4, 2024

LapStacker Carrying Device – Reviewed

The LapStacker secures items on your lap with an easy-to-use strap system. As a manual wheelchair user with limited manual function, Cheryl Angelelli tests the device to see how it works while traveling, at work, and at the grocery store.

Starbucks improves accessibility efforts

A new Starbucks in Washington, DC’s Union Market District is the first to incorporate its Inclusive Spaces Framework, designed to go beyond ADA compliance by creating spaces where everyone feels welcome. New features such as wheelchair-friendly counters, redesigned workspaces and open walkways aim to make stores more accessible for both customers and disabled employees.

Handle hard things better

After meeting a recently injured wheelchair user, NM editor-in-chief Ian Ruder began to wonder why life with a disability often improves after a few years of experience. The lives of the disabled don’t get easier, he says, but we get better at managing their discomforts. And that is the key, learning to “handle it better” so you can enjoy all the good things and live your life.

Solutions for overactive bladder

Managing a spastic bladder can be one of the most frustrating parts of living with SCI. Our resident bladder expert, Bob Vogel, speaks with wheelchair users to find out what treatment strategies work for them, and we share expert tips and online resources to find solutions that work for you.

Establishing our own definitions of success

In her latest column, Regan Linton argues that many traditional measures of success don’t align with her life as a wheelchair user. “The success of our lives must be in accordance with the values ​​we establish, not those that strangers from the outside world manipulate us into believing are important,” she writes.

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