New Mobility Newsletter — Jan. 4, 2023

Opens in a new windowThe Airline Whisperer: How one wheelchair user is making air travel more accessible from the inside

Like any wheelchair user who frequently travels by plane, John Morris knows how destructive airlines can be to mobility equipment. He has seen airlines vandalize his electric wheelchair four times and has lost count of how many times it has been damaged. But none of that has diminished his love of flying. Read how our 2023 Person of the Year has been working from within to fight for a more accessible future for air travel, where everyone can fly safely.

Opens in a new windowImpromptu Accessibility Accidents That Define Vacations

Since becoming a wheelchair user in 2015, Hilary Muehlberger has come to see the holiday season not only as a fun time to connect with loved ones, but also as a game of chance. Will you visit the house with the messy ramp, or perhaps the one where you access the bathroom via a rolling stool? Why not both? Read about their most memorable holiday accessibility fails and share yours by replying to this email.

Opens in a new windowPlease remain seated: accessible parking

Opens in a new windowA Day in the Life: Captain Tyler Turner

Our latest column takes you into the daily lives of some of the most interesting members of our community. The first is Tyler Turner, T4 skydiver and charter boat captain, who wakes up at 3:30 a.m. to start his workday taking clients fishing on his 50-foot boat off the Oregon coast. From the custom carbon fiber knee, ankle, and foot braces he wears to the panko-crusted dinners he makes, see how Turner survives his day as a working father and husband.

Opens in a new windowInexpensive microcomputers bring a new dimension to adaptable DIY tools

Although Kary Wright has been creating his own adaptation tools for decades, he never had the skills to build electronic devices. But the arrival of cheap, DIY-friendly microcomputers has added an exciting new realm of hacking possibilities, resulting so far in an automated gardening system and a pair of voice-activated pliers.

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