New Mobility Newsletter — Jan. 18, 2023

Opens in a new windowStarLock is a customizable air cushion

This new cushion from Ki Mobility looks like a high-profile ROHO, but with one main difference: It can block airflow in individual cells to help offload pressure from trouble spots or provide postural support.

Opens in a new window48 hours in Fargo

Sylvia Longmire, a power wheelchair user and travel blogger, was on a mission to visit all 50 states by the time she turned 50. She was in North Dakota just before her birthday and found great food, friendly people, a thriving arts scene, and superior accessibility. Read why Longmire believes she may have saved the best state for last.

Opens in a new windowAdult with cerebral palsy

For Greg Moomjy, living a childhood with a congenital disability offered few opportunities to connect with disabled peers. As he makes the difficult transition to adulthood, Moomjy reflects on how transformative it has been to find a local cerebral palsy support group. “Not only were we able to talk about everything from sex to inspirational porn, but I learned by example how to live with my disability and advocate for my needs as an adult man with cerebral palsy,” he writes.

Opens in a new windowIndependence through art

It took signing her name with a pencil in her mouth for Mariam Paré to realize that painting as a high-level quad could be feasible. Years later, she connected with the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, a unique organization that offers disabled painters a way to earn a living as professional artists. Find out how the MFPA works and see the beautiful work Paré and others are creating.

Opens in a new windowJonathan Sigworth is bridging the gap to independent living

After suffering a C7 spinal cord injury in India, Jonathan Sigworth saw how few educational resources were available to wheelchair users around the world, including many living in the U.S. Find out how Sigworth adapted to life with a disability and how her foundation, More Than Walking, offers valuable online demonstrations for everyday tasks like getting around, dressing, driving, bowel and bladder control, and more.

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