New Mobility Newsletter – Feb. 16, 2024

Roadmaps: not what I imagined for us

Acclaimed authors Rebekah Taussig and Hannah Soyer offer perspectives on the most confusing questions about living with a disability. First, how can you maintain a positive attitude toward your loved ones while also allowing yourself to grieve the loss of the future you had imagined? If you have your own questions about disability living, please submit them.

Unlike traditional head control units that rely on sensors in the headrest to control the wheelchair, Vigo is a wireless headset that responds when you tilt your head. It is designed to give users an intuitive way to operate their power wheelchairs. Switching modes on the Vigo also allows you to use it as a controller to interact with computers, smartphones or tablets, or as a Bluetooth headset to take calls.

The pleasure of women

Women, and especially disabled women, often don’t have the opportunity to talk about sexuality. “I want to call BS and I want to call it on my comrades. “We have the right to talk about our bodies, our desires, and our experimentation without needing pregnancy as an excuse and without feeling shame or embarrassment,” Regan Linton wrote in 2017. Here’s an unfiltered look at how women resumed sex after paralysis .

Easterseals Film Challenge offers disabled talent the opportunity to enter the industry

Calling all disabled filmmakers and talent: you have the opportunity to compete for over $150,000 in grants at the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge 2024 from April 2-7. Over six days, participants from around the world will write, film and edit a short film based on this year’s genre, “Buddy Comedy.” Click the link for more information and how to register.

imperfect Documentary follows a theater company for the disabled through a production of the musical chicago

After passing through the festival and receiving great recognition from critics, the documentary imperfect It is now available on various streaming platforms. Co-edited by veteran New Mobility columnist Regan Linton, imperfect Follow professional actors with disabilities at Phamaly, a disability-affirming theater company in Denver. Linton says she hopes the film shows that a career in the arts is possible for people with disabilities of all kinds.

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