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I told you there was a new book coming about bipolar disorder. I’ve been working on it for months and although it’s not here yet, the title and cover are. I hope you enjoy this reveal of Natasha Tracy’s bipolar book title and cover.

‘Bipolar rules! Tricks to live successfully with bipolar disorder

Bipolar rules! Tricks to live successfully with bipolar disorder It’s my new book. Its cover looks like this:

What’s in ‘Bipolar Rules! Tricks to live successfully with bipolar disorder?

This book is full of rules that are memorable and explained in detail. They cover everything from treatment rules to empowerment rules to coping skills rules. It even has rules about suicide. Each section and rule is designed to give you just the information you need when you need it. A detailed table of contents will allow you to choose the information that makes the most sense to you. As long as you can read Bipolar rules! From cover to cover, you can also pick it up and read it bit by bit when you are looking for guidance.

Bipolar rules! offers rules on simple topics like mood tracking and more difficult topics, like overcoming bipolar disorder and dealing with bipolar thoughts you can’t control. Its goal is to help you live more successfully on a daily and overall basis.

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And let me know what you think of the title and art in the comments! I await your thoughts.

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