New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 234

Research of the week

The ancient Andes were home to hunters, herders, and farmers..

There are many genetic differences in the risk of skin cancer.. People from countries with a lot of sun (Singapore) are at lower risk than people from countries with little sun (Great Britain).

Genetic bases of concern for food.

Eating breakfast could help late sleepers go to bed earlier.

If they think of God, people are more likely to accept AI.

New Elementary Cooking Podcasts

Elementary Cooking Podcast: Dr. Casey Talks High Sugar, Naked Carbs, and Glucose Control for Every Body

Media, Schmedia

Peer review is not what you think it is.

Italy may ban synthetic foods.

interesting blog posts

How much muscle glycogen do you really need??

A Hawaii water official refused to release water for use against the West Maui fire.

social notes

A typical walk in France..

Everything else

Nice story about a fisherman.

Things I’m doing that interest me

interesting role: How the idea of ​​“relative risk” has been used to promote statins.

Reminder: Farmed Steak Probably Doesn’t Even Exist.

Seed oils are bad: Bowel cancer on the rise among young people.

Common side effect: Low-salt diets appear to increase blood sugar.

You know things are going wrong when: The Dutch don’t get enough calcium.

Question what am I doing

How has your summer been?

recipe corner

Time capsule

One year ago (August 12 – August 18)

comment of the week

Hello Mark,

Can I still count on you as an expert :).

I can assure you that I will never lie and will always adjust my views in light of the facts.

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