My Huge Thrift Store Haul

It’s been a long time since I went a little crazy at the thrift store and bought (too many) clothes. I only went there to look for sewing patterns, but I couldn’t help but browse through the clothes, especially the sweatshirts. I love comfortable sweatshirts and have a few that I should probably replace. (I won’t, but I probably should, haha).

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I made a post like this: photos of the clothes I bought. In fact, I didn’t even *look* at jeans or other pants because I don’t need them. I’ve already altered my jeans to fit me the way I like them, although they’re tighter now, oops, and I don’t want to start over.

But I’m very excited about my finds from yesterday! Here it goes…

I LOVE this jacket, although it is too big. And the arm stripes are my favorite part, so I had to show them off 😉

With a word like “cozy” embroidered on the sweatshirt, I had to get it. It’s super soft!

On the left is just a very old (probably 80’s) Tahquamenon Falls t-shirt. And on the right is a t-shirt with cacti (I wasn’t sure if the plural was “cacti” or “cacti”, and apparently both are correct).

The shirt on the left is SO ME. I love black humor. She says, “When you’re dead inside but it’s still the Christmas season.” And the other t-shirt looked like something retro (I love anything retro) that says “Dream Big”

On the left, of course, a Detroit sweatshirt. There is a heart-shaped dot, but you can’t see it in this image. On the right, I actually bought that tunic because of the fabric; I thought it would be a great liner for a bag. But once I tried it, I really like it! But what kind of pants would I wear with that? Ideas?

An old school Adidas hoodie (I love it!) and, on the right, a sweatshirt that’s too small to be comfortable. I’m probably going to donate it.
On the left, just a comfortable sweatshirt. On the right, a soft, unflattering long-sleeved shirt.

Again, with a jacket that is too big but was too retro looking (and in like new condition) to NOT buy. On the right is a Janis Joplin t-shirt. I really like Janis Joplin.

On the left, another Detroit jersey (I loved this green color); and to the right, a cropped T-shirt that says “You are my sunshine.” I really liked this, but I don’t wear crop tops. However, I have a lot of ribbed hems, taken from other clothes, so I might try adding one to the bottom.

THIS tunic on the left will actually be used as fabric. It is not flattering or comfortable. On the right is just a running shirt – super cozy and moisture wicking.

On the left is a t-shirt with the Great Lakes of Michigan spelled in the shape of the lakes. And on the right, just a very comfortable sweatshirt in what seems to be my favorite shirt color.

Since I always talk about being nice to people, I thought this sweatshirt was very appropriate for me! And on the right, I actually bought the dress to transform it into a shirt, but I like how it looks the way it is. Even if I wear jeans underneath!

On the left is pretty much the softest t-shirt you can imagine. On the right is my favorite find of the day! It’s the coolest shirt, I’ve never seen anything like it. You can see the texture below; It has ribs, but the ribs are very wide. It’s super stretchy and comfortable!

And that’s all for the clothes. However, along with my clothes, I bought some storage boxes, a pair of jeans for Jerry, some shirts for Eli and Noah, and a couple of small craft supplies.

There were some fun t-shirts that I saw but didn’t buy, although I had to take pictures!

This one I actually bought for Noah. He is obsessed with cats, probably as much as I am.

I wish I had thought of making a t-shirt like this when I was pregnant. (This is a reference from the TV show Friends if you’re not familiar.)

And this one was too…interesting?…not to share! 😉
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