Herman The Worm • Kath Eats

Actually Herman the Caterpillar!

Does anyone remember that? summer camp song?!

Birch and I found this beautiful, shiny caterpillar in the park last week. They became friends quickly! I’ve never seen one this neon before. Can you imagine the butterfly it will be one day?

B was a little nervous picking him up at first, but he got brave.

Eldest brother

Birch has always wanted to be like his older brother, but lately he wants to be. fair As the. He wanted matching shoes, hoodies and even shorts at Old Navy because they were “just like Mazen’s.” One day we walked Mazen to his carpool spot before school.

Most of the time, Mazen is very sweet with Birch and they play very well together. Mazen also lets B try her big boy toys sometimes. He Goal mission 2 It was Mazen’s birthday gift and it’s all he’s talked about for months. Gorilla tag someone? If you have a tween child, this would be a modern holiday gift.

Add a cousin to the mix and you have a complete gaming team!

We all went to Brazos on a teacher work day and had a delicious lunch.

Halloween in full swing

By the time October rolled around, the kids were all spiders and scary things.

They went to Spirit Halloween with Thomas last weekend and I stayed home to take a little nap on Sunday after football. That’s how I woke up!

I learned my lesson about buying Halloween costumes in August. I won’t do that again! Mazen has already moved on to something much scarier. (Although I always think costumes are a good investment because kids wear them over and over again!)

jelly game

The only person who loves jellies More than me is Birch. We have a game where we sniff the flavors and have to guess which is which. Saturday is the last day for free shipping when you add two limited edition gift sets to your cart at Beautycounter!

Cream Greens

this dinner It was great: salmon seared then baked with creamy kale and sautéed white beans. I love veggies with cream cheese these days! This was the second in a few weeks.

Plus, cleaning the induction cooktop is a DREAM. It accounts for 95% of the headaches we had at the beginning with our kitchen utensils. We are really liking it now and the cleaning process – OMG it is SO MUCH BETTER than cleaning under the gas grates.

If you have not had Jeni’s Blackberry Crisp Ice cream, you’re missing out. It’s our favorite of the year! The oatmeal struesel inside – OMG. I loved this quote on the cover!

That’s all I have for my life today!

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