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Hello hello! Happy Friday! The weekend is here. What are you doing this weekend? Liv has a dance camp, I’m substituting for a Zumba class (Latin Cardio since I’m no longer certified, but I’m talking about a blast from the past), I teach barre, and we’re meeting friends for dinner. I hope you have a beautiful weekend too!

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party. This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and from around the web. I always love hearing about your favorites too, so shout out something you like in the comments section below.

(I don’t go crazy with Halloween decorating, but I love these little details around the house! Our giant Jack is definitely the most exciting thing we added to the collection.)

Friday Favorites 10.6

Read, watch, listen:

Liv and I look Dough ball on Netflix the other night and I loved it. I’ve seen him before but I’ve been introducing him to new movies. Some of the ones we’ve seen together that have been hits (with strategic fast forwarding when necessary lol): Titanic, 13 Going on 30, Mamma Mia, Sweet Home Alabama, Miss Congeniality, Devil Wears Prada… Let me know if we should add any to the list!

How to reduce inflammation and even get you to build muscle.

How a bar made me face the harsh voice inside my head.

Check out this week’s podcast episode here!

Fashion + beauty:

This beautiful tanaor bracelet That was a gift from the company. The entire Bible is nanoprinted on a chip, which is implemented in all of their designs. It’s so unique and would make a lovely Christmas gift!

The holidays at Beautycounter are over! ! VERY excited about the Christmas collection.

If you want to get your shopping done early, here are some favorites:

Vault Mini Beyond Gloss; split them up for stocking stuffers or gift ornaments

Trio of hand creams with good aromas. I stock up on these during the holidays for dry hands! I kept one in my bag, one in the car, one at home, one for a friend, etc.

Lip jellies! Big hit for kids and tweens.

Triple Cooling Body Butter Set. I also always stock up on these each year.

Guess what?! Now we also have clean fragrances. I tried samples of these about a month ago and they are light and fresh. Miles Away is warm and charming, while Sun Spill is bright and beachy.

Three of my favorites in one set.

Currently, you’ll get free shipping if you order more than two sets, and you can use the code CLEANFORALL20 to get 20% off the first one. Beauty Counter Order!

This Anthro dress:

It’s from Nuuly, which I still have mixed feelings about. I think I like it Rent Runway Unlimited more, but I felt bored with his collection. Rest in peace, Trunk Club. Even though it wasn’t a rental option, I always found a lot of things to love this way and it made the process a lot easier. I’m determined to find a great replacement.

Fitness + good food:

I have to give another shout out to this cookbook. We have tried a handful of recipes and they have all been VERY good; Full of flavor and easy to make. Highly recommended if you love Mediterranean food. It has many recipes in your websitealso!

FINALLY a store-bought salad dressing with simple, amazing ingredients.

If you make something pumpkin-like this month, make this! My favorite forever and ever.

Happy friday friends!



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