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Accessibility was also raised as a major challenge, as the environments where service providers are located are often inaccessible to wheelchair users. Rose, one of the workshop attendees, explains the importance of accessible spaces.

The workshop provided a platform for stakeholders to understand the lack of accessible and inclusive GBV support for women with disabilities. The urgent need for greater understanding by women themselves of gender-based violence and the requirements of service providers to create an enabling environment became evident. For Sightsavers to begin the process of addressing barriers related to lack of knowledge, negative stereotypes, behaviour, inaccessible environments, poor policy implementation and low levels of disability-inclusive information and information, we need funding urgently. Sightsavers is set to develop a program with local women with disabilities at the heart of the initiative.

The power of collaboration, inclusion and learning from those directly affected will guide us in our work in the future. We need to challenge ourselves and other organizations to actively support and participate in this vital mission. Together we can create a future where no one has to endure violence in silence and where everyone can access pathways to safety and justice.

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