Calling innovators! HHS Long COVID Healthathon launches with $25K in prizes

Rigorous science takes time, but people with long COVID need help today. To address that need, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Under Secretary for Health (OASH) launched the long COVID health marathon, an innovation race with $25,000 in cash prizes for the public to develop digital solutions to support those living with Long COVID today. The public is invited to join the health marathon to help provide real-world solutions.

The Long COVID Healthathon builds on the momentum of the Health+ Long COVID People-Centered Design Report, which co-creates patient-centered solutions with the people (not for the people) affected by the most pressing healthcare challenges. The report synthesizes more than 1,000 hours of desk research, individual interviews, and workshops with people affected by Long COVID on areas of opportunity or recommendations to improve the quality of care and lives of people affected by Long COVID.

The Long COVID Healthathon launches today with this question to the public. “How could Do we design and implement innovative solutions to improve the lives of those suffering from long COVID today?

OASH will accept submissions for Phase 1 of the Healthathon through April 19, 2024. The Long COVID Healthathon is intentionally broad so that you can brainstorm, develop, or expand your own solutions. The Healthathon has three focus areas based on human-centered design research from the Health+ Long COVID report.

  • people first Leverage lived experience to provide solutions to help people with long COVID.
  • Education and Awareness Create and disseminate educational materials to help raise awareness about Long COVID.
  • Community innovation Design resources for patients, caregivers and others affected by Long COVID to enable communities to support people living with Long COVID.

A multidisciplinary panel of judges will select up to 15 winners from Phase 1 as Healthathon Finalists. Healthathon finalists will each receive $250 and the opportunity to participate in Phase 2 of the Healthathon, where they will refine and repeat their presentations. Judges will select up to three winners to receive equal shares of the remaining prize, at least $7,000 each.

To get started, create a profile There you can learn more about Healthathon, find a team, and sign up to receive news and updates. Healthathon participants will have access to a series of live events focused on innovation and design. You can find the official rules, judging criteria, and other details about the Long COVID Healthathon at Submissions must be entered into before April 19, 2024.

Ready to take on the challenge? Be a part of building solutions for the Long COVID community in

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