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The new Blue Apron Line Prepared and Ready It saved us HOURS of time shopping, cooking and cleaning. The best part is that these fresh meals taste like they were made from scratch!

Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource.

And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want more time in their day! Before having children she had all the time in the world to cook everything from scratch. Now when we plan, shop, or cook our own meals, they tend to be super basic and simple. For years now, blue apron It has been our solution to save time. We’ve ordered their meal kits to deliver recipes and ingredients directly to our door, saving us time we would have spent researching new recipes, making ingredient lists, and shopping. And we’ve always ordered four servings so we can cook once and eat twice, saving us cooking and cleaning time a few nights a week.

Blue apron prepared and ready

Recently, Blue Apron introduced its Line prepared and ready of refrigerated (not frozen) sous vide meals that have blown us away at how fresh and delicious they are – they truly taste like we made them from scratch. The food arrives chilled, you simply heat it up and dinner is served. This saves even more time if I incorporate it sporadically into our meals. Choose from 20 meals and a variety of cuisines each week. It’s the next best thing to having a personal chef (and much less expensive than that option).

They’re also great for anyone who doesn’t like the same flavors as their spouse (one is vegetarian, one is not, for example) or is looking to control portions. Or if you need options for lunch and/or dinner. Mix and match: we eat them both.

Some of the different styles include Carb Conscious, 30g of protein, or 600 calories or less.

In the recipes you will find sauces, fresh products and prepared meats under video, a French technique that preserves flavor and freshness for a tender and juicy result. All meals are designed to be cooked thoroughly in the microwave (rather than something like fried chicken, which should ideally be deep-fried).

How do they know?

We raved about how it tasted, as if we had made dinner from scratch, but literally saved ourselves an hour and a half of cooking and cleanup time. I’ve been ordering them instead of meal kits on weeks when we know we’ll be super busy or one of us will be traveling. They’re great for lunch too!

I love that you can alternate your plan between meal kits and prepped and ready. (You can now add prepared and ready to meal kit plans, too.) I’ve been alternating between meal kits and prepped and ready depending on if we have a busier week or if one of us will be away for a few days. I admit I’d probably get a little tired of these if only I made them, but the weeks I mix them are very exciting because we feel like we have so much more time.

I put Greek yogurt on everything salty 🙂

If you want to give him the Line prepared and ready to test, You can save 15% off the first 4 weeks of your subscription! Click here to get the promotion.

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