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Here’s an overview of Beautycounter’s various skincare regimens (including how to use them) plus I share which one is my personal favorite. For its anniversary, Beautycounter is offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more and a free Discovery Set of the new Clean Eau De Parfum line launching later this month to benefit members with any order over $100.

Many people who don’t follow a skin care regimen admit that they feel overwhelmed by all the steps. I definitely was! It’s the main reason I’ve never bought a regimen. Analysis paralysis.

Most of us know to start with a cleanser, but what’s the order of toner, serum, facial oil, more serum, sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup? Keep it simple with an all-in-one regimen.

Beautycounter Skin Care Regimens

When people create a skincare routine, it’s common to work backwards and start with the extras (like the cult-favorite Overnight Resurfacing Peel + Vitamin C Serum). However, a regimen that includes a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer should be the starting point, with any extras added. A regimen should be the foundation of your skin care.

If you are overwhelmed by the steps of a regimen, today’s post should help you. You can also check out this post: How to Apply Skin Care Products in the Correct Order. It’s actually very simple!

What is a skin care regimen?

A skin care regimen refers to a personalized, consistent routine of skin care steps and products that people follow to maintain and improve the health and appearance of their skin. A well-designed skin care regimen includes products that work together with ingredients that complement each other rather than compete.

Why do I need a skin care regimen?

As with many things in life, consistency is the name of the game. By using a regimen, both morning and evening, you will notice more significant results than, for example, using random products inconsistently.

What are the steps of a skin care regimen?

  1. Clean: The first step is to remove dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities from the skin’s surface. This helps prepare the skin for subsequent products and prevents clogged pores.
  2. Preparation (tone): Toning helps balance the skin’s pH levels, eliminates any remaining impurities, and prepares the skin to better absorb the next products in the routine.
  3. Treat: This step involves using specific treatments or serums to address specific skin care concerns, such as acne, dark spots, fine lines, or hydration. Different treatments can be used in the morning and at night.
  4. Protect (Moisturize): Applying a moisturizer helps hydrate the skin, retain moisture and create a protective barrier. Even people with oily skin can benefit from a moisturizer.

Which Beautycounter skin care regimen is right for me?

countercontrol: Oil control

Countercontrol is designed to treat oily and blemish-prone skin, without irritation. Powered by an exclusive SkinBalance complex with wintergreen and oleander, this regimen mattifies the complexion, eliminates breakouts and balances the skin.

Counterpart: to hydrate combination skin

The Countermatch regimen is formulated to match the skin’s natural structure and deliver long-lasting moisture for an everyday glow. It is ideal for combination skin.

Setback: to grow old gracefully

This is what I use! You can read my full review of Countertime products here.

With an innovative plant-based Retinatural complex, this 4-step regimen is designed to visibly firm, brighten and plump skin. It is the most advanced and hydrating thing that Beautycounter offers.

How long does a regimen last?

On average, you should use it regularly for 3 or 4 months.

Setback regime in a box.

Commitment to Clean: What Makes Beautycounter Different

Beautycounter stands out in the beauty industry for its commitment to cleanliness.


My personal philosophy around food and nutrition (aka REAL FOOD) parallels Beautycounter’s standards and transparent ingredient selection process.

I studied nutrition labels to become an RD (well, that was a small part!) and now I can help others better understand the labels on their personal care products and choose products without harmful ingredients. Synchronicity!

When it comes to our well-being, I think we can focus a lot on what we put in our bodies, and while I think there’s not much that can beat a nutritious diet full of local, organic, and sustainably grown foods (+ a lifestyle healthy). ), what we put IN our bodies matters too. It’s one of those “it doesn’t hurt to do” things that makes me feel good about my decisions.

Beautycounter’s goal is to educate consumers about how and why it is important to choose safer personal care products.


Beautycounter not only creates safer and more effective products, but the products have a purpose: to lead the way in making all beauty clean beauty. Beautycounter consultants have been using their voices at the state and national level to advocate for legislative changes in the industry. Learn about the company’s promotion achievements here.

Blog Post: My Trip to Washington DC with Beautycounter


Beautycounter is a leader in the clean beauty space, as their ingredient selection process, sourcing, and transparency are unparalleled. Beautycounter bans over 2,800 questionable or harmful ingredients in all products (while the US only restricts 30). Many products are verified by the Environmental Working Group – the gold standard in clean living.

Beautycounter works to source ingredients from sustainable, non-GMO sources, many of which are organic and plant-based. Furthermore, the products are not only rigorously sourced, selected and tested, but their performance is on par with other luxury brands.

Check out Beautycounter Social Mission Report to learn more about sustainability and advocacy efforts, including purchasing ingredients that have a supply chain that also respects human rights.

Vote with your dollars

If you can afford to vote with your money, DO IT. Companies see changes in demand and increase supply, and Congress will eventually change the laws. So that those who can not Those who can afford to purchase serums can have access to safer products across the industry.

Anniversary promotions

For their anniversary, Beautycounter is offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more. And for Band of Beauty members, you’ll get early access to a free Discovery Set of the new Clean Eau De Parfum line launching later this month with any order over $100.

I’ve smelled them and they are DELICIOUS! Second Skin is most people’s favorite, followed by Pacific Dreams. The entire line will be arriving soon in travel and sampling rollerballs and full size bottles!

The new perfumes are:

  • EWG Verified (a GREAT deal!)
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Formulated with a blend of natural and safer synthetic ingredients to deliver a high-quality eau de parfum.
  • Full transparency of ingredients, including fragrance.
  • Made with responsibly sourced ingredients, such as sandalwood.

Smell for yourself! To get the free Discovery Set:

  • Update to Band of Beauty Benefit Program here. This is not an auto-ship or auto-renewal, just like Amazon Prime purchase benefits for one year, including free shipping and a free welcome gift.
  • Spend $100 on products and the set will automatically be added to your cart!
  • You will also get free shipping

Are you passionate about sustainability, transparency and cleaner products?

Being a brand advocate is about much more than selling skin care products. Our primary goals are to educate, advocate, and also market amazing products that lead the industry in security.

If this topic is something you are also passionate about, you should consider becoming a Brand Advocate! It’s the best way to connect on these important topics with a community of like-minded people. I have a blog post with a lot of frequently asked questions about being a consultant here. Email me at kath at if you’re interested in chatting.

Do you want to try Beautycounter for the first time?

Wear code CLEANFORALL20 with 20% off your first order, including skincare regimens!

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