Am I Taking Care of Myself? Am I Really? – My Brain’s Not Broken

Have you ever felt like your day just isn’t going well? I know we all have good and bad days, but I’m talking about something different. It’s those days when everything feels a little off, or when every decision you make seems to be wrong. These situations are complicated because things could certainly be worse (as we remind ourselves), but that also doesn’t solve the confusing problem at hand. Unfortunately, anxiety can exacerbate some of these more challenging days, taking situations that are challenging and turning them into overwhelming disasters (I know where I’m coming from). But I’m here today with a possible solution, and it’s relatively simple: drink some water.

Well well; This is not all my advice. But it’s the introduction to an important question that I think we don’t ask ourselves enough when considering our mental health. And that question is, What am I doing to take care of myself?

Look, I get it; Since enough things happen in our daily lives, it’s easy to understand how some things can go unnoticed. But taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to seem as difficult, time-consuming, or laborious as we think. One of the reasons I used to find this topic so daunting is because I thought about it in the context of “self-care,” which to me meant something completely different. I don’t have time to take care of myself like I need to.I would think.

But here’s the thing: I made a mistake. I thought self-care revolved around many of the trendy words and activities we hear today. Maybe I needed to take more mental health days or visit a spa. I could do more yoga or exercise in a way that made me feel good. And while all of those things contribute to self-care, I’ve learned that there are basic things that, when overlooked, make my daily life more difficult. One of which is simply…drinking water.

I remember when I wrote about how our health is more than just physical and all the research I did to discover the different aspects of our health. Although it made a lot of sense at the time, putting it into practice was harder than I expected. Not that I had to actively think about this; I just needed to be more intentional.

There have been times when I have had a headache or felt sad and now I think to myself: Do I just need to drink some water? Do I need a snack? A nap? I’m not saying those things solve all my problems (trust me), but there are times when my anxiety or depression can deter me from other ways I need to take care of myself. I guess as the years went by, some bouts of depression became more difficult due to my lack of care in other areas of life.

Now, before you get ahead of yourself, I want to say that this advice is not recommended as a one-size-fits-all solution, nor for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis or facing recurring challenges. I didn’t come here to tell you that your depression will be solved with a drink of water and a little treat (unfortunately for both of us). However, discovering the best ways to take care of ourselves from day to day is the way to build a solid foundation for when times are tough. With patience and practice, our self-awareness can grow and better prepare us to face the next challenge when it comes to our mental health and well-being.

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