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There’s some life here lately!

Oh hay!

Oh man, we had beautiful spring weather last week! Highs in the 70s and lots of sun! It has been colder this week, but we are already entering spring at full speed!

Speaking of the first day of spring, happy 70th birthday to MY MOM! Here she is seen a few decades younger on the beach last summer. Of course, since her last name is Younger, she comes with the territory!


Last weekend we went with a group of friends to see Mark Normand’s comedy show.

First we had an early dinner at the Zócalo. I had salmon and a really tasty Mezcal Negroni!

We loved the opener, local Chris Alan, especially his bits about raising kids and video games. He wasn’t that crazy about the headliner, but he made me laugh a little! Thomas absolutely loved him.

Afterwards we went to a bar (I didn’t get anything to sleep in!) and then we went to the Chaps after party for some birthday cake waffle cones.

On Saturday I attended my favorite exercise class at 8:30 and then we took the kids to Thomas’ parents’ house for a sleepover. They helped us out so much this weekend because we were double booked and our regular babysitters were busy. Thanks Nona + grandpa!

I called Goodwill to look for some costume accessories for my concert that night and found these puzzles for $1.99 each.

Pro Re Nata Parties

We had a double reservation at Pro Re Nata Brewery in Crozet to spend the night. First up was Josh’s 40th birthday celebration!

I had a nice beer and Thomas and I shared a Caesar salad and a huge pizza!

Around 7, I went to the other side of the venue for the 90’s cover band. Energetic! They’re the same band we all dressed up for in January and we were excited to hear them again. (Spoiler alert, we already have a local show in April too!) The music is too much fun!

Tonight I went all “Clueless meets Britney Spears” with a short skirt, heels, and black tie. Before adding the tie!

You might notice that he had glasses of water in his hand. I LOVE that PRN has tap water that is easily accessible. I think she had 7 waters on the dance floor? Although I stayed out too late, I didn’t have a hangover after the two drinks I had very early in the night. It sure makes a difference when you’re as old as me! Ha ha.

I was tired on Sunday but felt great for our 5:00 pm soccer game after a little nap!

AW to the Momentum team!

Faucets on the faucet

Speaking of things on tap, Ellen and I took a TAP DANCE CLASS! We both grew up tap dancing and it was so fun remembering all the basic steps. In the end we learned a routine and found it perfectly challenging. It had literally been 20 years since I tapped. It’s so funny how she becomes like riding a bike!

Also available: Beauty Counter Fragrances release next week on the 26th!!!!! I don’t remember if I’ve shared it on the blog yet, but the three new scents are AMAZING!!! I’m in love with Second Skin as my new signature scent (it’s a floral amber), but Pacific Dreams and Hyper Rose are also very nice. Look out for a blog post about them next week. They are also EWG verified with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

I went to Cramer Photo to do a photo shoot and get some good photos to share. I can’t wait to show you more of them!


Have you heard about the pasta pizza trend? blue apron He sent me a preview of the recipe that will debut in the plans for the week of April 8th. It’s like a pizza base made with cooked pasta!

First you cook the noodles and bake them with parmesan and olive oil until they are slightly crispy.

Then add layers of cheese, sauce, sopressa, and hot honey! Bake a little more.

It was very good! Pasta Pizza is available for one week only, on the menu for the week of April 8! Try it now and get 65% off the first five weeks of your new subscription.!

Have a great first day of spring!

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