5 Things To Do In The Face Of Collective Grief, From A Therapist

Grief is a universal human experience, especially when it is a collective grief that we can all feel. And in those moments, in order to do our part in the world, we must also take care of ourselves. You cannot pour from an empty cup, and as a grief and trauma therapist Gina Moffa he tells mindbodygreen. Collective trauma affects everything, even our nervous system.

“With loss, there is a profound, whole-body experience that we don’t fully understand,” she explains, adding: “Society has always equated grief with the loss of a loved one, but it’s actually triggered by many things, including and it can be incredibly deeply personal.”

Grief can be thought of as the felt loss of anything that is meaningful or important to us, according to Moffa, who recently wrote Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go: A Modern Guide to Coping with Loss. “Even the loss of security, and that can be due to collective issues, even if it doesn’t necessarily happen near us,” she adds.

This is what Moffa recommends to her clients who are feeling the impact of collective trauma and grief.

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